February 2017
·Feb. 9 Valentine’s Day Issue – “Día de San Valentín”
Space Reservation: Feb. 3 Material Deadline: Feb. 6

March 2017
·March 23 Home Improvement Special Edition
Latinos represent more than 50 percent of new homeowners, according to industry experts who report that the consumer market now tops $19.4B. Our special home improvement issue covers the housing market, mortgage and financing options, as well as home renovation and decorating advice.
Space Reservation: March 17 Material Deadline: March 20

April 2017
·April 13 Immigration Special Edition – “Especial de Inmigración”
An exclusive special edition detailing the importance of immigration policies including local specialists helpful articles.
Latino Press includes relevant information and resources to help our community members.
Space Reservation: April 7 Material Deadline: April 10

·April 27 Children’s Day – “Día del Niño”
In the Mexican culture, Día del Niño is a special day reserved to honor and celebrate the children, who represent the hopes and dreams of every community. Our April 23 publication will focus on the family, providing important information every parent needs to know to support happy and healthy children.
Space Reservation: April 21 Material Deadline: April 24

May 2017

·May 4 – Cinco De Mayo Special Edition
Celebrated since 1863, Cinco De Mayo Day (May 5) represents a celebration of Mexico´s defeating the French army intervention in the city of Puebla and has grown to become a day to embrace Mexican culture. Our special Cinco de Mayo special edition recognizes the growing importance and contributions of Michigan’s many Mexican residents.
Space Reservation: April 28 Material Deadline: May 1

·May 11 Mother’s Day – “Día de la Madre”
Mother’s Day is a universal celebration with a history that transcends culture and religion. Pay homage to Michigan’s Latinas and celebrate motherhood in one of our most widely read annual issues.
Space Reservation: May 5 Material Deadline: May 8

June 2017
·June 15 Father’s Day – “Día del Padre”
Father’s Day celebrates the countless contributions of our esteemed patriarchs, who bless and uphold family life.
Recognize the importance of fatherhood in our special issue honoring Michigan fathers.
Space Reservation: June 9 Material Deadline: June 12

August 2017
·August 3 Back to School Special Edition Part I – “De regreso a Clases”
From backpacks to books and everything in between, our Back to School special edition provides helpful tips for getting the school year started right.
Space Reservation: July 28 Material Deadline: July 31

·August 24 Back to School Special Edition Part II – “De regreso a Clases”
Space Reservation: August 18 Material Deadline: Aug. 21

Sept. 2017
·Sept. 14 Hispanic Heritage Month Special Edition
Every year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Celebrate the many achievements of Hispanics who call Michigan home.
Access our 2014 special edition at: http://www.latinodetroit.com/online/Herencia/Hispana.html
Space Reservation: Sept. 8 Material Deadline: Sept. 11

Nov. 2017
·Nov. 2 Health Insurance Open Enrollment Special Edition II – “Edicion Especial de Seguro de Salud”
Part two of our exclusive series designed to help educate readers how to access and navigate through open enrollment.
Space Reservation: Oct. 27 Material Deadline: Oct. 30

·Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Issue – “Día de Gracias”
Give thanks in our annual Thanksgiving issue. Space Reservation: Nov. 17 Material Deadline: Nov. 20 by Noon
Dec. 2017

·Dec. 21 Christmas Issue – “Nochebuena y Navidad”
Christmas is a season of great joy. It is a time of God showing His great love for us. It can be a time of healing and renewed
strength. Christmas is the most important celebration for our Hispanic community and the time to share and celebrate with our family.
Space Reservation: Dec. 15 Material Deadline: Dec. 18

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